2020 Competition Finalists

All finalists will compete live at the Live Finals and Winner's Showcase on Sunday, March 8, 2020 in the Main Hall at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco, from 10am to 7pm.

Please read this page carefully and in its entirety for instructions, frequently asked questions, and a detailed schedule for the Finals.

2020 Instrumental Finalists

  • Dustin Breshears
  • Starla Breshears
  • Valery Breshears
  • Andromeda Kepecs
  • Abigail Leong
  • Aaron Ma
  • Matthew Sakiyama
  • Nicole Yun
  • Amy Zheng

2020 Piano Finalists

  • Josephine Chou
  • Brian Lin
  • Jacob Rockower
  • Vivian Wang
  • Meining Wu
  • Warren Xu
  • Isabella Xue
  • Allyson Yu
  • Nathaniel Zhang

2020 Vocal Finalists

  • Lily Bobrick
  • Ashley Chen
  • Krystal Mao
  • Alasdair Payten

2020 Chamber Group Finalists

  • No finalists selected

2020 Composition Finalists

  • Andrew Chen

Winners will be announced live following judges' deliberations at the conclusion of the Live Finals for each category, on March 8, 2020. The Composition category does not have a Live Finals; winners will be announced on March 8, 2020.


All students who reach the Finals round of the Pacific Musical Society & Foundation Competition must:

  1. Sign and return the consent form included in this document by mail within one week of notification to the address below:
    Pacific Musical Society & Foundation
    2020 Competition
    1459 18th Street, Suite 146
    San Francisco, CA 94107
  2. Send via email a short biography and an appropriate performer photo in high resolution (JPG, PNG or TIF, 300 dpi minimum, 400 dpi preferred) to the following email address immediately after being notified of being a finalist: info@pacificmusical.com.
  3. Select which piece from the preliminary round that they would like to perform in its entirety at the Finals (which will be filmed professionally and made available to the student afterwards). Note that the selection must fit within the time allotted (15 minutes for ages 8-13, 20 minutes for ages 14 and above). Include the name of the selection in your email to info@pacificmusical.com. We reserve the right for the jury to select a different piece to be performed in its entirety, and will let you know in advance if that is the case.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Can a selection be an excerpt or partial work?
    A: Each selection must be a complete movement or complete work in itself. 

  • Q: Must all works be memorized?
    A: Yes, all works must be memorized and performed from memory in the finals. 

  • Q: For accompanied works, must they be performed with accompaniment?
    A: Yes, all accompanied works must be performed with accompaniment in the finals. Performer must supply their own accompanist.

  • Q: Does the student or the jury decide which pieces to play?
    A: The student will propose the first selection from the repertoire submitted for the preliminary round. The first selection will be performed in its entirety. The selection must fit within the time allotted, and the judges reserve the right to select a different piece. Following that performance, the jury may select additional pieces from the repertoire submitted for the preliminary round. The student must be ready to play any of the preliminary pieces.
  • Q: How long will each performer play?
    A: For instruments and piano it depends on the age group: 8-10 years old and 11-13 years old will play up to 15 minutes, 14-17 years old will play up to 20 minutes; all vocalists will perform up to 20 minutes; all chamber groups are expected to perform the full repertoire submitted for the preliminary round. 

For any other questions about the competition, please email us at competition@pacificmusical.com.

Schedule for the Competition Live Finals and Winners Showcase on March 8, 2020

Instr. 1 Aaron Ma 10:00
  Valery Breshears 10:15
Instr. 2
Amy Zheng  
  Dustin Breshears   10:45
  Starla Breshears 11:00
Instr. 3
Abigail Leong
  Matthew Sakiyama 11:35
Nicole Yun  
Andromeda Kepecs  
Instrumental judges deliberation will begin at 12:35 pm and winners announcement will be made by 1:00 pm  
Piano 1  Allyson Yu 2:00
  Meining Wu 2:15
  Isabella Xue 2:30
Piano 2 Jacob Rockower 2:45
  Nathaniel Zhang 3:00
  Brian Lin 3:15
Piano 3 Josephine Chou 3:30
  Warren Xu 3:50
  Vivian Wang 4:10
Piano judges deliberation will begin at 4:30 pm and winners announcement will be made by 5:00 pm
Vocal 1 Krystal Mao  5:15
  Ashley Chen 5:35
  Lily Bobrick 5:55
Vocal 2 Alasdair Payten 6:15
Vocal judges deliberation will begin at 6:35 pm and winners announcement will be made by 7:00 pm
Event end by 7:00pm